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Acorn Stairlifts Medical Advisor - TV's Dr. Hilary Jones

Dr. Hilary Jones

Dr. Hilary Jones is a name that’s known across the country, with many recognising him from his days as TV-AM’s resident doctor in 1989, and as Daybreak’s health editor in 2010, but what some don’t realise is that Dr. Hilary is still very involved in the medical field today, supporting the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society, the Stroke Association, and acting as medical advisor here at Acorn Stairlifts since 1992, helping to ensure that each and every one of our new developments are directly addressing the ever evolving needs of our clients with limited mobility, and positively enhancing their lives, and the lives of those around them.

As a qualified GP, Dr. Hilary has seen first hand exactly how immobility can affect the quality of life, whether that immobility is due to arthritis, stroke, accident and injury, degenerative muscle disease, osteoporosis, or through age-related weakness. Dr. Hilary believes that "the greatest challenge to your quality of life can be the threat to your mobility and independence", and also highlights how the issues surrounding immobility aren’t restricted merely to the sufferer, but can affect those around them. For this reason, Dr. Hilary advocates the use of mobility aids, particularly of our stairlifts, as a way of increasing confidence, maintaining independence, and allowing the sufferer and their family to live as normal a life as possible.

Dr. Hilary on a recent visit to Acorn Stairlifts
Dr. Hilary on a recent visit to Acorn Stairlifts

Dr. Hilary qualified as a doctor in 1976 from London’s Royal Free Hospital, following a 6 year course that piqued his interest in ophthalmology - an area that opened doors to focusing on secondary conditions to issues such as glaucoma and cataracts like mobility and independence. His early career was very varied, acting as a GP in Basingstoke, a GP trainer, and even holding the sole medical position on Tristan da Cunha - a British Overseas Territory that holds the record for being the most remote inhabited island in the world, lying almost 1500 miles from the South African coast, and around 2000 miles from Argentina.

Dr. Hilary became a household name in 1993 when he appeared regularly on GMTV in an effort to make medical advice more accessible to those who felt they couldn’t, or wouldn’t, seek medical advice from their own GP. He has continued to strive to educate the public with regard to both common, and not-so-common, medical complaints through writing advice leaflets and books, developing mobile apps, and, of course, through his ongoing involvement here at Acorn Stairlifts. Books that may be of particular interest to those with restricted mobility include Total Wellbeing: The Whole Treatment for the Whole You - An Integrated Approach to Health, and Doctor, What’s the Alternative? All You Need to Know About Complementary Therapies.

Despite Dr. Hilary’s diverse range of commitments, he continues to practice on a part-time basis as an NHS practitioner, which means that he not only stays up-to-date with the latest advancements within the medical field, but can also offer contemporary and relevant advice relating to medical conditions, treatments, and equipment such as mobility aids and assisted living devices. Dr. Hilary’s valuable advice and unique insight into the medical world has helped us to manufacture and supply our clients with the most effective and beneficial mobility aids on the market, transforming lives all across the world.