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Yours Recommends Award

Yours Magazine asked a panel of Yours readers to tell about their experiences of buying and using an Acorn Stairlift. Yours Magazine wanted to know if the Acorn were helpful and friendly, whether Acorn's customers were satisfied with the quality and reliability of their lift, and how having the stairlift installed has changed their lives.

The feedback from their readers was extremely encouraging. Regarding their experiences of dealing with Acorn, an overwhelming 97 per cent believed that the operator they first spoke to was a great help to them. 87 per cent were pleased with the speed at which their stairlift was installed, as well as being satisfied with the quality of the stairlift itself. That’s great service from start to finish.

Most importantly, Yours asked how their readers would rate their experiences. An impressive 83 per cent were positive about the buying process, and as for using an Acorn Stairlift? Almost threequarters gave it ten out of ten!

A few examples from Yours readers, who say how their Acorn stairlift has changed their lives:

“Having the stairlift has improved our lives greatly, as I have breathing problems and my wife has arthritis,” says Mr R Shepheard, from Rochester. “We call it our ‘perch’, and with it we can stay in our house.”

“My husband can now sleep with me upstairs,” says Gladys Jacobs, of Rayners Park, London. “At 89 and 90 years old we couldn’t do without it."

Sometimes a lift can be invaluable for much longer than first thought. “My first husband had Parkinson’s, and the stairlift meant we could stay in our two-storey house,” Isabel Ford from Fife tells us. “But since his death seven years ago I am able to continue living here, which I would now find difficult without a lift.” Similarly, “The stairlift was bought for my late husband, but now I use it when I have a lot of pain in my knee. A Godsend,” says Mrs M Arrand, from Scunthorpe.

There are other benefits, too. Julie Joyce, from Milton Keynes, tells of “the confidence of making it to the top of the stairs”, whereas Jean Armstrong from Ashington, Northumberland explains how “my stairlift allows me to save energy for more important activities.”

Gwyneth Pietras from Stoke-on-Trent says that her stairlift is used daily by her husband, but also that “I too use it when not feeling well, or having to take a load of washing up or down stairs!”

Because of Acorn Stairlifts’ fantastic results from the reader survey, Yours Magazine are proud to award Acorn Stairlifts the Yours Recommends seal of approval.

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